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What is your New Year’s Resolution? For many of us, resolutions include things like reading more, spending more time with family, less screen time, or of course eating right and exercising. For me, that last one is almost an annual tradition at this point. The problem is that often a resolution to eat right and exercise more only arises when we haven’t been doing so. As long as my clothes are fitting and I don’t look too bad in family photos, I am happy to neglect diet and exercise. When that isn’t the case… it’s resolution time.

Often as parents, prayer for our children can be the same way. If everyone is getting along and making good decisions, then we are happy to continue depending on our own abilities, our own wisdom, and our own power to raise our children. It’s only when there is a flare-up, when someone gets into trouble at school, when they are caught in a lie, when they’ve driven you to your wits end – that’s when we actually start praying.

There’s the problem. We turn to prayer, but only as a last resort. So what if prayer was not something we did only when the warning signs started? What if instead, we viewed prayer as the primary means we have for reaching and discipling our children? How would that change our kids? Our families? Us?

This January, our HPBC Kids team is challenging our families to begin their year with a month of prayer for their children. Join us as we pray throughout the month of January, for many different aspects of our kids’ lives. Following this prayer guide, we will pray that the Lord first rescues our children from their sin, and second, molds and shapes our children’s hearts, lives, and character to align with His will. The only question is, will you make this your resolution now or will you wait until you have nowhere else to turn?

Wherever you find yourself as a parent today, join us as we pray for the children that God has entrusted us with in 2023 (and beyond).

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