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Partnering with parents to reach kids with the Gospel of Christ and raise them for His glory.

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Biblical Teaching

A Safe Environment

Qualified Teachers

Birth - Walkers


Our youngest HPBC churchgoers enjoy a safe, loving environment designed for their developmental age and needs. In addition to qualified volunteers, parents can expect a secure sign-in system and pager for easy communication.

2 - 4 Year Olds


Preschool-age classes use play, learning activities, music, and creative Bible teaching to help children learn about God as they grow and develop.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade


Elementary-aged kids participate in large group gatherings, small group activities, and Bible teaching sessions. Classes are divided by grade, and every lesson includes worship and small group time.

Wednesday Night Activities

Preschool - 5th Grade


Wednesdays • 6:30-8:00pm. Join HPBC Kids on Wednesday nights for AWANA, a fun, interactive weekly program that helps kids learn about God and apply His truth to their lives. AWANA is geared toward Bible verse memorization and application. Children enjoy a time of Bible lessons and fun games in which prizes, points, and badges can be earned as they learn from God’s Word.

Registration is available in-person on Wednesday nights in the Middle School hallway.


Do I need to register my child in advance to participate?

While it is not mandatory to register your child, it is a huge help to our Family Ministries’ Team if we know in advance who is attending.

What safety policies and procedures do you have in place?

All HPBC Kids volunteers are required to complete our We Really Care program, which includes a detailed application and background check.

Do I have to be a member of HPBC to serve with HPBC Kids?

Those serving with HPBC Kids are required to be members or in the membership process. 

Do you perform background checks?

Yes, we perform a background check on all HPBC Kids volunteers before they are allowed to serve. 

What happens if my child is upset or needs me?

If your infant needs you, we will contact you through the pager that is provided when you first check in your child. If there is a need for your preschooler or elementary-aged child we will contact you through the information you provided. 

HPBC Kids Staff

Nancy Baughman

Early Childhood

Jackie Green

Elementary Associate

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