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Short-Term Missions

Each year we plan opportunities for members to participate in short-term mission trips to help serve others around the world. These trips are often life-changing experiences as those called to go experience Christ in a new way.

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We will be sending a team to Athens, Greece, to serve alongside Alexander & Kendra Macris. This team from our 18 | 25 ministry will build on last year’s relationships working with youth and outreach.

Dates: June 21-30, 2024
Cost: $2,200
Team Leader: Gar Hoover


We will be sending a team to Durres, Albania, to serve alongside the Rushitis and Cuffes. The team of six to eight people will help run a weeklong camp building relationships with teens and singles associated with the church, English Language School, and the community. This may be a great opportunity for a family or parent and older teen to serve together.
Dates: June 14-23, 2024
Cost: $3,000
Team Leader: Pastor John

Peachtree, Georgia (USA)

We will be sending a team of four to run a VBS-style week for kids. Parents will be attending the annual conference of workers among borderless people or refugees, while the kids participate in the VBS program.
Dates: June 17-22, 2024
Cost: $1,500
Team Leader: Aaron Hamel

Strategic Missions Fund Stories

The Strategic Missions Fund aids in planned projects, as well as emergency situations for our missionaries and the areas they serve. Below shows how we use the funds to assist our missionaries around the world:

Uses of SMF Funds:

Strategic projects for spreading the gospel
  • Ukrainian War Relief
    (front lines & displaced people)
  • Turkey Earthquake Relief
  • Mozambique Christian Education
  • Michigan Hurdling Handicaps
  • India Church Planting
  • Afghani Refugees
Personal needs of our missionaries
  • Medical emergencies
  • Insurance emergencies
  • Education needs
  • Transportation needs
  • Unexpected needs
  • Missionary Christmas


At HPBC we believe His mission must be our mission and we must go to the lost, sharing the Good News of salvation in Christ. Global missions aspires to glorify God by mobilizing missionaries to live as Christ did: lovingly, and truthfully among the peoples of the earth. From Genesis to Revelation, we read the story of God’s love for man, and His incarnation, death, and resurrection to save us from our sins. Our goal is make disciples of Jesus Christ, teaching them to walk in obedience to Him and in fellowship with one another.

Contact Pastor John for more information about global missions.

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