The Strategic Mission Fund is our missionary giving opportunity for the month of November. Its purpose is to support special Mission Board approved projects and requests which enables our body to meet our mission statement to “grow” and “go.”

You can give in service on Sundays by checking the Strategic Mission Fund box on the giving envelope or by choosing “Missions (SMF)” when giving online.

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Strategic Mission Fund

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The Bible is the story of God’s passion to redeem people who are lost in sin.

From Genesis to Revelation, we read the story of God’s love for man, and His incarnation, death and resurrection to save us from our sins. At HPBC we believe His mission must be our mission and we must go to the lost, sharing the Good News of salvation in Christ. Global missions aspires to glorify God by mobilizing missionaries to live as Christ did: lovingly, and truthfully among the peoples of the earth. Our goal is make disciples of Jesus Christ, teaching them to walk in obedience to Him and in fellowship with one another. This passion has characterized our church since its founding. It is more than just a program, it is who we are as a fellowship of believers.

We support 57 long-term, 5 short-term, and 24 retired missionaries, actively encouraging them in their ministries as best we can.

For more information about global missions, please contact Loosha Simmons.