Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling is a God-directed ministry of trained and qualified mature believers applying his Word, the Bible, to help others at their point of need to walk in freedom and healing from sin, so they might genuinely change and grow into a life of abiding in Christ and pleasing him.


Whether you want to know more about what God says about your circumstances or are looking for direction while walking through a difficult season, we are here to come alongside you and encourage you to look to Jesus for answers that bring lasting change.

Will I benefit from Biblical Counseling?

Whether you are struggling with relationships, emotional distress, grief, or the weight of personal sin, there is hope. We believe that the Bible provides instruction and answers for life’s difficulties, but that true freedom is the result of a dependent and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why Biblical Counseling?

  • We believe in the authority of Scripture. God’s Word is given by him, the author of all truth. We look to Scripture as the source for direction, principles, and standards for all things pertaining to life and godliness.
  • We believe in the sufficiency of Scripture. God’s Word reveals his counsel to us giving us hope in all circumstances as the source of our strength and joy.
  • We believe in the regenerative power of the Holy Spirit to make lasting change that will align us under Christ’s authority making a way to restored fullness with God and others.

Privacy and Care

Our counselors desire to care for you and will treat you respectfully. Your information will be held in strict confidence. The only exception will be where, in the counselor’s judgment, there is a Biblical requirement to involve others (e.g. criminal activity).

Qualified Counselors

All of our counselors have gone through an extensive Biblical counseling training program and are equipped and experienced at helping others with similar concerns to your own.

Encouragement for Christ-centered Living

Our counselors will come alongside you and encourage you toward a changed life that is pleasing to Jesus Christ.

Weekly Homework

Each week you will be given assignments to take home between your counseling sessions. The homework is meant to encourage change that lasts.

It Takes Time

Behavior takes time to change. The typical time commitment involves regular counseling appointments for a period of six to eight weeks.


There is no fee for Biblical Counseling. All of our counselors volunteer their own time to meet with counselees and are unpaid. You may be asked to read some materials that are a minimal cost.

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