Biblical Teaching. Authentic Worship.

Multicultural. Multigenerational.

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8:45am – Traditional // 11:15am – Contemporary


Who We Are

Committed to Worship, Grow, and Go

1. Worship

We desire to authentically worship God with all that we are and have. Our services provide high-quality worship in both traditional and contemporary formats, as we seek to give God the best of heart and mind worship. We are committed to worshipping Jesus with our lives 24/7, honoring Him in our words and actions every moment of the week.

2. Grow

As a family of believers, we are committed to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. We invest in one another’s lives, nurturing one another in the faith and connecting intergenerationally as we read God’s Word. With lives dependent on and obedient to the Word of God, our desire is to personally grow as disciples and to make disciples of Jesus.

3. Go

In obedience to Christ, we are committed to go, serving others and sharing the good news of Jesus with everyone. We hold as a core value the importance of transforming our world through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are also committed to sending missionaries to share the gospel of Jesus and make disciples of all people.