Middle Hour Ministries

Every Sunday · 10:10am

Authentic. Christ-Centered. Community.

At Middle Hour Ministries we seek to:

  • Foster unity through the study of God’s word and intentional application in life.
  • Inspire growth by imitating Jesus Christ, following spiritual leadership, and increasing God’s glory.
  • Create healthy relationships rooted in humility, honesty, and the hope of Jesus Christ.
  • Value community by practicing forgiveness and sacrificial service, in prayerful dependence on God.
The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project is a chronological Bible study for all ages that unfolds the testimony of Jesus Christ throughout Scripture. Each middle hour ministry will explore God’s plan of redemption as it is unpacked from Genesis to Revelation, and how it compels us to live gospel-filled lives individually, in our families and in the world.


Young Adults

College & Young Professionals · Location: Chapel

Firm Foundation

20–30’s · Location: Room 157

Standing Stones

30–40’s · Location: South Atrium


30–40’s · Location: High School Room 14

New Creation

40–50’s · Location: North Atrium Hall

The Journey

50–60’s · Location: High School Room 10/12


50–60’s · Location: High School Room 26


60–70’s · Location: High School Room 36

Joint Heirs

60+ · Location: Fellowship Hall

New Venture

Multi-Generational · Location: High School Room 6

Women’s Bible Fellowship

Multi-Generational · Location: High School Room 16

The Herd

Middle School, Grades 6–8 · Location: Middle School Ministry Room


High School, Grades 9–12 · Location: High School Student Center



Birth-2 Years

Location: Nursery

Preschool, Ages 2–4

Location: Rooms 142-148

Elementary, K–5

Location: Rooms 271–275

For more information about Middle Hour Ministries, contact:

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Men's Ministry

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