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Men’s Bible Study

Tuesday mornings at 6:30am
Fellowship Hall

Discipleship in the Face of Opposition
The Teachings of Jesus During His Journey to the Cross

As He entered His third year of public ministry, Jesus faced enormous opposition. He was despised by the religious leaders and rejected by the nation. Luke uniquely focused on this time period of Jesus’ ministry on earth, as much of his writing from 9:51-19:27 is not found in the other Gospels.

In 9:51, Luke records that Jesus began His final journey to Jerusalem. In the midst of rejection and persistent denial of His sovereignty, Jesus prepares the 12 – and each one of us – to be real disciples of Christ in the midst of opposition. Luke presents a number of parables, not recorded in Matthew or Mark, to challenge and encourage us to faithfully proclaim Christ in our world that rejects Him.

Men, join us this Winter/Spring in the Fellowship Hall on Tuesday mornings at 6:30 or new this semester, on Wednesday evenings at 6:30, as we study from Luke 9:51-19:27 how to be real disciples for Jesus.

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