Coaching is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person or team to fully live out God’s calling in their life or profession.  The purpose of coaching is to develop a client who is able to more effectively reflect, correct, and generate new learning. 

Coaching is often referred to as learning new ways to learn. This process helps provide you with the space to listen to your heart, the Holy Spirit, and take action to reshape your life around that learning.


HPBC Coaching Ministry is a service dedicated to engage you in discussion that will empower you to move forward in stalled areas of your life. 

Our coaching will support you to develop a greater personal awareness, new or modified behaviors, actions, and results. HPBC members will receive three consecutive months of coaching at no charge.


Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Although many of the communication techniques are similar, like active listening, reflecting, use of questions, etc., both counseling and therapy focus on the past to bring healing and unblock a person to move ahead. 

But, coaching is forward looking, future focused and action-oriented for people who are not hindered by psychological and emotional issues. Our trained coaches will be able to assist you in seeking appropriate resources if the coaching process is not appropriate for you at this time.  


The Highland Park Baptist Church (HPBC) Coaching Ministry is a dedicated team of men and women who have prepared to provide you with coaching services at no charge to you 

In October 2013, members volunteered to be coached and study coaching to determine its viability in our church. This team of individuals remains committed to our Coaching Ministry and working with you to see how God will lead them in supporting you to transform your life.


The coaching process provides the opportunity for one of our dedicated coaches to work with a client in a confidential one-on-one setting over a three month period.  Privacy is one of our top priorities requiring that all conversations remain between the coach and client. 

Coaching sessions are flexible to the coach and client’s schedule and typically planned for twice a month during this period. Your coach will work with you to tailor a meeting time to support the demands of your schedule, ensuring your coaching experience will be about moving past barriers and supporting you to walk in God’s purpose for your life.


Getting started today may be the single biggest decision you can make to experience positive change in stalled areas of your life. 

You can get started today and take advantage of the HPBC Coaching Ministry services by contacting Coaching Ministry Director Milton E. Fletcher at 248-569-9383 or email him:  .  A dedicated coach will contact you within three business days to coordinate schedules.